HealthMe is a digital marketplace for healthcare that allows doctors to attract the growing number of self-pay patients using transparently priced bundled care plans.

We provide a comprehensive solution for self-pay patients by giving doctors a marketplace page, branded to their practice, on their group’s website, and a public facing marketplace (think Amazon for healthcare) to attract and grow this segment of the market.


Our Mission

At HealthMe our goal is to simplify healthcare for patients, physicians, and their staff. Most medical practices ignore the self-pay market even though it represents nearly 10% of the total healthcare spend. Our free software platform allows you to create a custom self-pay marketplace for clinic visits and surgery on your practice's website. Fees are collected in advance and you are paid within 72 hours with no paperwork, and at no cost to your practice.

“HealthMe has helped us grow revenue by simplifying self-pay for our patients and staff. Like most practices we weren’t capturing the growing self-pay market until HealthMe showed us how simple it can be to market to, and collect payments from, self-pay patients. Our front office and billing staff are probably the happiest with HealthMe as the software has simplified the workflow and payment process for these patients.”
— Greg Smith, Practice Manager, OrthoCollier

Our Team

What We've Achieved

  • HealthMe Comprehensive Self-Pay Solution Software Released November 2018

  • Approximately $50,000 in healthcare sales first 6 months.

  • HealthMe Technology: Winner of the Arthroscopy Association of North America Innovation Forum May 2019

  • Speaker Annual Meeting of the Florida Orthopedic Society June 2019: “Access to Health Care: Do Florida Orthopedic Surgeons Accommodate Self-Pay Patients?

  • Speaker Anterior Hip Society Annual Meeting April 2019. “Orthopedic Entrepreneurism”

  • Speaker BSOF Annual Meeting 11/3/18: “Diversifying Payment Options for Patients of the Future: Embrace Consumerism in Healthcare to Grow Practice Revenue”


  • Bootstrapped

  • Angel Funding - Adrenaline Venture Fund

  • Opening Seed Round soon