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Ziptek’s ZipE® is a resorbable locking suture button-a knotless tissue repair system, and works like a Zip-Tie. The company is entering its 2nd year of commercialization.

Many people may be unaware that the southwest coast of Florida is becoming a hub for medical device companies, especially orthopedic devices.

Arthrex, located in Naples Florida, with nearly 1200 employees, over a billion per year in revenue, 9700 different types of devices, and whose devices are being implanted in more than 50 countries worldwide- started from a very small one device implant moving to Florida in 1995. With respect to soft tissue repair for orthopedic indications Arthrex is the top player globally.

Other very respected companies include Catalyst Orthopedics in Naples, Conmed in Largo, Parcus in Sarasota and Exactech in Gainesville, not to mention numerous Orthobiologic companies.

Ziptek LLC, a Sarasota based (and born) Medical device company founded by William F Bennett MD, a practicing orthopedic surgeon since 1995 in Sarasota, with privileges at SMH and Lakewood Ranch was incorporated in 2012. Dr Bennett came up with the idea in 1995 when operating at Doctors Hospital when he was trying to develop a technique that could address a certain pathology in the shoulder- arthroscopically- that to date was unaddressed.

From his efforts the “Bennett”” biceps subluxation classification was developed- see Radiopedia. He then went on to try to develop a device that could address this pathology, ultimately developing a device which could be used for all tissue repair and went away after time.

Starting with the commercialization process in 2010, Dr Bennett with Ziptek and his biomedical engineers received FDA clearance from the FDA in March of 2017. He and the company received over 24 IFUs- Indications for use.

Ziptek makes the ZipE®, which is a resorbable locking suture button that works like a Zip-Tie. All devices in this domain for orthopedics soft tissue repair use permanent suture and the suture fixation is permanent, meaning it never releases. This approach for tissue repair, typically ends up with scar repair and disorganized collagen.

The ZipE® which is knotless, no need for surgeon to tie knots, releases its hold on the tissue after 3 months, thus the first device to allow for the transfer of forces to the tissue allowing for true tissue remodeling allowing for the repair tissue to approach native tendon or ligament.