AdviceHub (formerly Reviews from Friends) provides advice patients need from people they know.

Our anonymous chat messaging between new patients and previous patients on doctor, hospital, pharmaceutical and implant company websites helps patients overcome their fears and confidently proceed with surgery.

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Our Mission

AdviceHub provides transparency to healthcare by allowing new patients to chat with former patients on multiple websites. We provide new patients with easy access to direct advice from past patients so they can learn about medical procedures, doctors, hospitals, implants, and pharmaceuticals ahead of time. We protect privacy through anonymity and connect patients with their friends and neighbors using Facebook social graphs, Google contacts, and home addresses to increase the relevance and impact of the advice shared.

My knees were so full of arthritis. I know I needed a knee replacement, but was too scared to even go to the doctor. While surfing the internet trying to find answers, I came across Dr. Kurtz’s website. His site let me talk with 3 of his former patients who all said great things about him and the surgery. Now, I am getting my knee fixed, so I can get out of this pain.
— Bob S., patient at Tennessee Orthopedic Alliance

Our Team

What We've Achieved

  • Three orthopedic implant companies pay for our services.

  • One Pharmaceutical company will be launching our service soon.

  • One major hospital system with over 150 hospitals will be launching our service soon.

  • We integrate with physicians EHRs, automatically email invitations to patients, and anonymously display all consented patients on all relevant websites.

  • We provide business intelligence analytics that show patient conversion from a chat message to a procedure.


  • Bootstrapped

  • Opening Seed Round soon